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Late spring and summer can herald the arrival of swarms of Wasp and Bees. Most swarms will promptly leave on their own accord after arriving how a small number may remain and build a nest. If this happens then know we are only a phone call away to correct this. We use strong powders, foams and sprays which is either pumped directly into the nest or sprayed through the general vicinity which is carried into the nest. Any threats from Wasps or Masonry Bees are extinguished in this fashion. Honey or Bumble Bee nests are protected and we are not able to kill them. Instead we can remove the nest through one of our Bee Keepers without causing them harm.

If you find yourself in need of a service for visits to be carried out several times over the course of the year you have come to the right place. Whether it’s for peace of mind or legal reasons we offer to establish a contract with yourselves at competitive rates where we attend a set number of times over the course of the year to inspect the property and carry out treatment where or when necessary.

Three types of pest which can be very difficult to treat are Cockroaches, Fleas and Bed Bugs. Our pest controllers are skilled in their investigation and treatment and are licensed to use potent chemicals and products to help aim for total eradication. For Bed Bugs or Flea problems we use very potent sprays to neutralise the infestation before they can spread. For Cockroaches sticky gel bait is used and is highly effective against them.

Mice, Rats and Squirrels infestations can occur and cause a number of issues from hygiene risks to electrical fires due to wire damage. We implement bait boxes and potent poison throughout the property and re-attend a second time at a later date for you, where the traps are retrieved. Flies, Moths, Ants and other insects can become irritations but they are irritations we can remedy. These insects are susceptible to toxic powders or insecticide sprays which kill them on contact. The Ants die upon ingesting the powder; some consume the powder at the site whilst others return it to the nest where it is ingested.

Birds can also become an issue; they make nests inside the property which can lead to disease and property damage. We can prevent this scenario by implementing netting or spikes for you at the property which will repel any attempts to intrude. We are very proud of our bird deterrent service, aiming for a high quality service at competitive rates. If you have not already received a quote over the phone, we will attend and quote accordingly at the property.

We don’t just treat internal pest issues inside the property but problems outside the property as well. In the instance you find yourself with a Mole infestation, we are ready to treat them. Moles damage both the integrity of your garden and the appearance. Killing traps are inserted into the Mole holes which kill them upon the Mole’s investigation of the device. Their use will ensure your infestation is curved with no further damage to the garden.

No pest work is too small for ourselves so if you find yourself in need of a dead animal removal then we are just a phone call away. De-composition of dead pests can be unpleasant so we can attend promptly to remove the problem for you.


  • Contract work for homes or businesses.
  • Treatment of Cockroaches, Fleas and Bed Bugs.
  • Treatment of Mice, Rats and Squirrels.
  • Bird deterrent work.
  • Bee and Wasp nest removal.
  • Dead animal removal.
  • Treatment of Flies, Ants, Moths and other insects.
  • Mole treatment
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